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Ford Accident Repair Centres

Welding and working of high strength steels  

Ford Motor Company is increasingly promoting the use of high strength steels (HSS) in vehicle body production.

Currently Ford is using hot stamped Boron, Micro Alloyed High Strength and Cold formed Dual phase (DP) steels. While studies into other grades (X-IP, L-IP, Quiet Steel) are ongoing. These materials require both specialist procedures and equipment when being worked.
Bulletins issued by FMC and available on ETIS indicate those areas where HSS is being used and how it should be repaired. But it is anticipated that their use will be much more widespread in future model vehicles.

Equipment Required:
Inverter Spot Welder, Mig Mag Brazers

Inverter Spot Welders:

  • To work HSS a welder should be capable of providing 10,000 Amp at the tips
  • With a minimum squeeze pressure of 250 daN
  • High pressure X or C type tongs
  • Long cycle times through liquid cooling
  • Have a weld quality audit facility
  • Capable of providing a clamping force of 7 bar - 500 daN with 120 mm X tongs only
  • Capable of receiving OEM programs and parameters by simple uploading
  • Show Electrode pressure settings in the display
  • Capable of two sided spot welding
Bad inverter spot weld Good inverter spot weld

Mig Mag Welding / CuSi3 Brazing:

  • Multifunctional machines: Stitch weld, weld time, weld current, pulse welding, puddle welding
  • All independently adjustable
  • Aluminium and steel Mig/Mag welding as well as Mig Brazing
  • Should be capable of welding thickness of 0.6 - 6 mm
  • Should have an integrated remote control in torch

The specification listed above will be a minimum standard for all machines tested.
The Equipment listed on this website has been approved for exceeding the specification above and for having a robust service/backup and training operation.

More Information:

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