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Welding and Electro Magnetic Fields

You may or may not be aware of the information floating around about the Electro Magnetic Fields especially with your spot welding equipment. As usual the motor trade is getting small snapshots of information often distorted by various welding companies.

A couple of facts in layman’s terms:

  • The new EU Directive 2008/46/EC is not transferred into national legislation at this present time.
  • The new EU Directive is not only for spot welding machines, it is all electrical equipment including phones, computers and other machinery.

At the present moment the EU Directive is not very palatable reading.

Please find below an question/answer session in which we believe will help you the customer, understand what is currently happening.

Whose responsibility will it be when the directive comes into force?

Do you in the Bodyshop have a problem?

On my welding equipment where is the problem likely to be?

Does my welding supplier have a solution for me if I cannot meet the criteria when it comes into force?

When will the upgrade be available?

If I am thinking of buying a new welder should I wait for the new legislation?

If I buy the welder now, how do I know that you will be fair with my company if I need the upgrade?

How do I – the customer – accept what you say is fact and not fiction?