MBX Blaster 3500X
The MBX Blaster 3500X is the ideal tool for removing paint and rust from car body parts as well as for removing sealing compounds and undercoating.
See TSB 97/2005

Ford Accident Repair Centres

Aim/Objective: To ensure the FARC network are suitably trained and equipped to repair all Ford Vehicles in current and future production.  This will enable us to promote to customers and insurance companies that the FARC network is the only place to go to correctly repair a Ford Vehicle.

Background: Over the last three years we have seen the introduction of new high strength, Boron steels andHigh Tec electronic architecture in new vehicles. This has left all repairers susceptible to incorrectly repairing Methods, either through lack of technical data or through the use of incorrect equipment. This has now become a major area of concern for repairers, insurance companies and Car Manufacturers alike.

Earlier this year we saw the introduction of PAS 125 laying out guidelines that Thatcham and insurance companies think the industry should be working to. These we still feel fall short of what is required in the modern bodyshop. More stringent steps need to be taken to ensure Ford vehicles are repaired and put back on the road correctly. We have to identify correct repair techniques and ensure the correct equipment is used. New Standards, supply of information, training and equipment have all been reviewed.

Proposal: Equipping to the premium standards is the only way of safeguarding your future. By investing in new equipment and software you will ensure you are up to date with all the latest technology and able to repair all Fords with confidence. The FSE programme ensures all equipment is approved by Ford for use on Ford vehicles. As part of the premium network you will benefit from the ability to promote your business to insurance companies in the ability to repair all new and future Ford models. The special tools will be regularly reviewed and updated accordingly to ensure you have the edge over any competition by doing a cost effective and correct repair.

Procedure: On the pages Products and Minimum Standards you will find information about the new Ford of Britain Standards and the products we offer to help you to meet the Standards. In the section Welding Information we give you more detailed information on this topic, considering the requirements on to the equipment because of new high strength steels. After checking all products and the Standards form you can use the Enquiry Form to choose the products for which you would like to receive a personal quotation. Just fill in the form and click "submit" to process the enquiry. A member of our Customer Care Center will contact you within 48hrs to provide your personalized quote. With the quote we will provide an order form which you just need to print out, sign off and fax back to our free fax number 0800 - 218705.

FARC: Benefits to each Repairer will be the confidence of knowing they have all the equipment, knowledge and Training to repair all Ford vehicles exceeding PAS 125.

Insurer: Benefits to Insurer's are that the Network is capable of repairing all Ford vehicles in the correct manner with the right tools and equipment that is regularly audited.

Customer: Benefits to vehicle owner is the repair is guaranteed and returns there vehicle back to the closest pre accident condition with the confidence it has been repaired correctly with Ford parts.

Ford Motor Company: Benefits to FMC are a healthy, efficient and profitable Network of Approved Repairers providing a high level of customer satisfaction to Ford vehicle owners and also to strategic partners such as Insurance Companies. This situation, in turn, creates demand from ARCs to become part of the Approved Repairer Scheme and gives FMC greater control of parts usage.